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#BEANS Maine Soldier Beans

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2 lb bag

State of Maine

Soldier Beans

The best soldier beans in the world!

Each 2lb bag makes 20 servings!

*These can only be shipped within the USA. Please do not purchase if you are not in the USA. Shipping is much to high and any non US orders will be cancelled and refunded.

**We can not ship these via express. These will be shipped via parcel post or priority only. To ship these express would cost upwards of 40.00 due to the weight of the package. If you choose the express option then we will refund money back to you after we have shipped them priority. (Priority is usually 2-3 days, Express is typically 2 or 3 days as well, there is no such thing as "overnight" any more)


****If you want to order more than 2 bags, please send me an email to

We could do a preorder and I could get get your order in the mail within 3-5 business days

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